Company Name The Knowledge IT Corporation
Legal Address 2565 Bantry Lane, South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA
Established January, 2001
Representative Hemant Kumar Setya
Business Corporate and central IT applications via public and private clouds
Group Companies Japan: Knowledge IT KK, Tokyo

India: Knowledge IT Limited, New Delhi

About the Founder

•2001 The Knowledge IT: Founder and Chief Executive Officer
•1999 NTT Soft: Executive Consultant for management
•1993 Lockheed Martin: Program Director, Business Development & Management, Design, Development
•1992 Marubeni Solutions: Senior Engineer, System Development and System Design Analysis
•1987 Mitsubishi Research Institute: Development of Space Exploration Systems (NASA)
•1992 Chiba University, Japan: MS, Electronic Engineering
•1990 Chiba University, Japan: BS, Electronic Engineering


Deliver simple, rapid data integration to support time-critical reporting requirements

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